Gotta start somewhere

1 Feb

I am sure this is a dilemma that all bloggers can relate to…where exactly do I start? When I decided to embark on writing a blog that discusses the vacuum that is Movies and Entertainment, I realised that this must be what it is like to write the first line of a script – you know what you want to say, and you know where you want the story to go, but how exactly do you start? Well I decided that, in true blogger fashion, I would start from the beginning.

I am from a generation when the television was not a tool created by the devil to invoke infant obesity, but a medium by which we could learn to expand our minds through the works of Walt Disney (and to be honest, not much else). My passion for the reel hasn’t faltered with age, and I am now a bona-fide film addict. Whilst I dabble in the odd TV show, my real passion sits with the moviemakers and shakers of this world.

I do not profess to being the most articulate, or someone with an insight into the psyche of Quentin or Martin (first name basis is a given). I don’t have a magnitude of ideas on the complexities of cinematography. I wanted to start this blog as a way of writing my muses down to not only save my friends from sheer boredom as I babble on about the latest film, but also to share my general thoughts and opinions with the wider bloggersphere, and maybe even interest people enough that they look to me as a movie GENIUS (that’s a lie…I doubt this dream will ever come true..)

So, if you are still reading this and find yourself wanting more, then stay tuned. If you never made it past the first sentence, well then you won’t know that I am in fact a multi-millionaire (another lie…)


JL x


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